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Balance Shampoo Bar

Balance Shampoo Bar

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This shampoo bar has been formulated with 100% certified organic lemon and tea tree essential oils. Tea tree oil is known to help prevent buildup of chemicals and dead skin, keeping your hair healthy and moisturized. Lemon essential oil is good for balancing oils and preventing infection. It also helps cleanse the scalp, removing dead skin, dirt, and dandruff. These essential oils have been paired with jojoba oil which is rich in vitamins and minerals that will nourish the hair with vitamin C, B,E, copper and zinc.

Jojoba oil is the closest in construction to the human sebum. In adulthood, the skin tends to produce less sebum, making the skin and hair look drier and duller. Jojoba oil not only moisturizes the hair, it also dissolves the dirt and build up on our scalps, nourishing the hair follicles further and promoting healthy growth.

To use, apply shampoo bar to wet hair and massage the shampoo into the scalp. Shampoo will begin to lather.


For sensitive skin, allergies, or if you are pregnant, please consult with your healthcare provider before using our products. 

If you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients, do not use product.

It is advisable that before use, test the product on a small area of skin to check for any skin sensitivities. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

All products that are handmade may result in a variance in colour and/or weight.

Due to the nature of the colorants used in soap products, colours may “bleed” or migrate.

Due to the nature of the colorants used in bath bombs (batch certified lakes), colours may fade and though unlikely, may temporarily stain certain surfaces. In the unlikely event that this occurs, most household cleaners will be able to remove them.  

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Balance Shampoo Bar
Balance Shampoo Bar
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